From time to time, I work with my co-host, Jeremiah. He's my 3-year old grandson that is ALWAYS trying to steal the show! In this clip we were just trying to create some footage to play with the green screen.......

Although not asked, he tells everyone, everywhere ........ he can do anything. We hope he maintains that thought and his doggone energy!!!!

😂 😂

INSiiGHTS "2 Guys from Cleveland" weigh in on the hottest topic in the NBA, the trade request from the Cleveland Cavs All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving. Listen as the Cleveland natives who are #Allin with Cleveland, share the thoughts of many of their brethren from Cuyahoga County.

Listen in!


BATTLE OF THE UNBEATENS: Coach Quintin Lewis of Rickards High School gives an unedited view of the Rickards High School football program, what shaped his philosophy and what he seeks from the young men that play for Rickards. 

Coach Lewis speaks from his heart about the influence Bethune-Cookman and his coach, Alvin Wyatt had on changing his life ..... and how it shaped his dedication to the young men that play for him.

"Providing an insight look into sports"

During a recent game that Wakulla won, the players entertained the fans in the stands with more than football............ enjoy.

BATTLE OF THE UNBEATENS: COACH Corey Fuller of Godby High School shares his thoughts about the upcoming game with Rickards High School. his philosophy, his motivation to help mold men and about being from tough beginnings. 

Coach Fuller looks beyond this game ........ and into the hearts of his players.