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INSiiGHTS honors the student of the game submitted by the individual high school with the highest gap, where  they also take into consideration leadership and service. 

INSiiGHTS is proud to partner with the Woodard Foundation of Miami, Florida for the Dr. Arthur Woodard Academic Student of the Game Award. Dr. Woodard was a graduate of Florida A&M University who was an All-Conference football player under the legendary Alonzo (Jake) Gaither.  Dr. Woodard was a FHSAA Hall of Fame coach at Tivoli High School and recorded several unbeaten seasons along with numerous state championships.

Dr. Woodard finished his distinguished career serving as principal at Miami Central High School emphasizing that athletes can be scholars, too.

These excellent students are honored in the spring with a  reception dinner, where they and their families will recognized.

Special Events by Beee will also be a sponsor of the award activity.